Don’t Downgrade Your Future – Prepare Your Business For Sale

We’ve all had that bad dream: You sit down for the big exam. You turn over the test. Everyone around you starts writing furiously as you read question after question, hands sweating, heart pounding, mind screaming as the nightmare sinks in – you didn’t do the work. You are unprepared! And that was just a school exam. Imagine the panic, disappointment, and discouragement when you are selling your business as you Read More

“Should my business be an S Corp or an LLC?” And other such nonsense: Legal Entity vs. Tax Status

Recently, I have come across a number of articles on the topic of entity formation and taxation. A lot of it has been indigestible hash. Here’s my quick attempt to make some sense out of these important subject areas frequently appearing side by side. “Entity Formation” is what you’re talking about when you ask what kind of "company" your business should be. What you’re really talking about is the state law format Read More

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) – Part 1: When & Why

You've been presented with a non-disclosure agreement. Should you sign? How do you respond to the statement:  "If you're not going to steal my ideas, you'll sign!"? Flip side. You present an NDA to someone.  When is it legitimate for them not to sign? How do you answer their response of: "I never sign NDAs" or "What? You obviously don't trust me!"? Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), also known as Read More