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If you want to minimize risk for the business owners, employees, and the company itself, then one of the best investments you can make is to have contracts in place. A contract, put simply, is a agreement between two people or entities, in which there is an agreed upon exchange of value, such as money or return services.

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Contracts are at the core of any business, regardless of the size of the company or the industry that you’re servicing. There are dozens of areas where you’ll need a contract:

  1. Non-disclosure agreement: Need to keep sensitive information like trade secrets, client information, or marketing plans private? A non-disclosure agreement (also known as an NDA) is what you’ll need
  2. Partnership agreement: Accurately describe the relationship between partners and the duties and contributions to the business
  3. Bill of sale: A legal document that transfers title of a piece of property (such as a car, aircraft, or animal) to the buyer with the details of the transaction
  4. Purchase order: Legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller of an item or quantity of items, at an agreed-upon price
  5. General employment contract: Describes the relationship between the employee and the employer. It includes the benefits, compensation, duration, and job duties
  6. Noncompete agreement: Specifies that once an employee leaves your company, they are prohibited from working with a direct competitor

Every company will have their own unique contract. No two companies will have an exact match of an agreement.

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Can I Write My Own Contracts or Do I Need To Hire A Business Law Attorney?

A common misconception business owners have is they think they can form a deal or agreement by a handshake or verbal agreement and all will go well. And although it is true, you can form an agreement in that matter, you are also leaving yourself wide open for potential problems and hassles.

Many business owners will choose to draft their own contracts, as they believe it’s a manageable task to perform. Often times, these contracts are created from a purchased template that is tweaked to fit their current scenario, without taking into consideration the potential problems of the future.

There are two major concerns with the “do-it-yourself” approach:

  1. The contract does not clearly describe the deal at issue between both persons or entities
  2. The contract does not clearly map out the solutions to the possible ways the deal can go wrong

What Contracts And Agreements Will I Need In My Business?

As a business law attorneys, we want to minimize your businesses risk as much as possible. In order to accomplish this, you need to consult with an experienced attorney before you get started. What we see with our clients most of the time is they ask for legal help once a problem has risen to fruition.

For example, your best friend and business partner of 15 years can get into a dispute. If there was a proper partnership agreement in place, the two partners and the attorney would simply be guided by the contract. Does one of the partners want to sell their shares? Is someone not performing his or her duties as outlined in the contract? Can the partner leave and join a competing company? Anything and everything that could potentially go wrong would be outlined in a contract.

However, if there was no contract made beforehand, then the situation gets a lot more complex because there is a lot of gray area that will have to be navigated and sorted through.

This happens to business owners very frequently. The best advice is to always consult with an attorney to discover what your business needs before the troubles arise. It’s much easier (and less expensive) if you take the necessary actions to mitigate the problems before they turn into bigger hassles.

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A proper contract will be the answer to future problems and questions:
When you choose to hire a business law attorney to draft your contract, the best thing you’re getting is the years of experience of creating contracts. This alone takes what would be a good contract and turns it into a great contract. Our attorneys are extremely detail-oriented and will scrutinize your contract from a different perspective than you as the business owner.

A few pillars to what your contract will do:

Describe the responsibilities of each party: Who is responsible for what job duties?

  1. Binds all parties to their duties: Does a party no longer want to follow-through with the agreement? A contract will bind the parties to the previously defined description of duties.
  2. States a clear time frame for duties to be completed: By when does the service need to be performed? By when do you need payment? How much time do they have until you need it?
  3. States remedies to relationship fallout: What happens if two partners no longer wish to continue in relationship? What measures are taken to solve this problem?

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