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Starting a company with a partner, often times, a close friend or family member, is an exciting moment for what’s to come. In the beginning phases, it seems straightforward; you have an idea, you talk about the idea to a friend or family member, you both think it’ll be a good idea to start a business together, and then you set off to build something great.

However, it doesn’t take too long till relationships and business matters turn from straightforward to complex. Unfortunately, it’s very common for business partners to have business disputes. It’s one of those things you can’t avoid in your business, and it happens to many businesses.

This is why it’s critical to have an experience attorney handling your business dispute. At Walker Law PC, our attorneys will strategize with you to develop several options tailored to your situation so your company can continue to thrive. Click this link to get in contact with us to get started.

If it’s not handled correctly, a business dispute can have a dramatic negative impact on a company. Even a completely minor problem can potentially be the cause of losing employees, contracts, revenue, or the complete shutdown of a company.

Do You Have A Partnership Agreement?

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Is it that one partner is hindering the company’s growth? Is someone not executing on duties or services they promised? In an ideal situation, this should be covered by your partnership agreement that was drafted by a business law attorney.

In the agreement, you would have clearly outlined the course of action based on a variety of situations that could happen. But, most of the time, there is no partnership agreement to be found between partners. And usually, when there is one, it’s a template that was bought online that has little to no clarity or power.

Resolve The Dispute Before Needing To Step Into The Courtroom

Litigation can be costly and lengthy in time. If your business is at a bottleneck, spending even more time and money on attorneys and in the courtroom is not wise for your company. Walker Law PC is committed to keeping your disputes out of the courtroom.

There is no cookie-cutter method to resolving disputes. Each company will have unique partners with unique set of traits that need to be addressed on an individual basis. In order for our attorneys to help you solve the dispute before litigation, we must have a strong understanding of your business and what you want to accomplish.

What is the end goal for you? How do you want to see this play out once it’s all done? What does your company provide? What specific duties do you have in the company?

A lot of questions will be asked during this process to gain a clear picture of the dispute. The next phase is to put together a strategy of different options we can pursue to resolve the conflict. There are dozens and dozens of possible options to resolve a dispute.

If your business is losing revenue, or is simply not operating or performing they way it should be, you should contact Walker Law PC to discuss a plan of action. The longer you wait, the higher chances of the dispute growing into a bigger problem that can have a bigger negative impact.

How Do You Avoid Partnership Disputes?

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A big misconception business owners and partners have is when they’re going into business with a close friend or relative. The thought is because they know each other so well, there’s nothing that can go wrong. For the next 10, 20, and 30+ years, they will retain an honest, and trustworthy relationship.

Usually, we’ll see the other side of the relationship. A typical phrase used by a partner is, “We’ve been good friend for 24 years. I didn’t think it would get like this.”

The problem isn’t so much in the dispute itself. Business disputes between partners are inevitable. There will be times when partners bump heads on making big decisions or assigning duties and responsibilities to each, amongst other things.

The problem falls on a variety of reasons such as how you formed the business initially and what the partnership agreement describes. When you choose the do-it-yourself method where you form your business and draft your partnership agreement on your own, you’ll often times run into alot of gray area.

Here are just a few causes of business disputes:

  1. Exiting a business
  2. Terminating a business
  3. Fraud
  4. Employment Dispute
  5. Breach of contract

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