Your On-Demand Houston General Counsel Program

There’s a big misconception in the business world that an attorney is only there to hire for a one-time use. That couldn’t be further from the truth. An attorney should be an integrated part of any company’s growth.

Why? Simply put, you may not know how the law relates to your company, your products or services, or how you’re doing business. You cannot know what you don’t know, and as the business owner, you’re more than likely to put this on hold as it’s not an urgent issue.

However, just because it’s not a burning issue doesn’t mean there’s not a problem growing underneath business. The last thing you want is to need to put out a fire when it’s burning the strongest. It’s much more ideal for you to put the flames out far before it turns into fire.  

That’s the purpose of our General Counsel program. Your company will have an experienced Houston business law attorney on-hand via in-person meetings or phone calls to help identify and discover any legal issues that would normally be overseen.

If you need your questions answered or need help strategizing, Walker Law PC can help you. Click here to get in contact with us. We’ll ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of what you need. There’s no charge. 

Do I Really Need To Hire Houston-based General Counsel?

The real reason you want to hire a Houston business law attorney is to make your business more efficient and profitable, while minimizing your legal risk. As your business ventures into new industries, offers new products or services, hires more employees, or takes on more funding, you need to ensure you’re protecting your company and assets.

Here are some of the frequent questions we get asked by business owners of all sizes:

  • What type of contract should we have for a new partner?
  • I’m starting a second company that will be funded by my first company. How would I structure this?
  • We’re in the process of accepting a city contract. Can you review it for us?
  • I want create a software application that will be used across the globe. What do I need to stay protected

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry that you’re in, having the proper guidance between your company and the law is critical. You may think to yourself that you don’t need an attorney at this time, but later on you face the repercussions.

The most type time-consuming and expensive repercussion you have is going to litigation. That’s when you’ll go to court to argue your dispute or case. You’ll absolutely have to hire an experienced attorney to represent you in court.

Aside from the stress, it’s going to affect your day-to-day operations of the business and cost you a lot of money, depending on the case. We want you to avoid litigation altogether.

Many business owners think they can do a quick Google search find some legal information on their specific problem or question, but it doesn’t work that way. There are far too many variables that need to be taken into consideration.

Although you may think it’s a straightforward issue, the reality of it is it can be a complex situation once you dive into the trenches. To make sure you keep your business on the right track, contact Walker Law PC so we can help identify and resolve any legal issues or questions you may have 

How Much Does A General Counsel Cost?

A primary reason Houston businesses don’t seek out an attorney is due to the fact of cost. Just like anything in business, higher quality will usually cost more because it is more valuable.

For your small to medium sized business, you may not have enough revenue to hire a full-time in-house attorney. That’s why the General Counsel program is such an effective option for your business.

You’ll have an experienced attorney ready to help answer and guide your company through any legal issues or questions. The best thing is it will only be a fraction of the cost compared to having an attorney on payroll.

What you don’t want to do is keep on holding off on legal guidance. As stated earlier, you may think you’re saving money by not hiring a General Counsel, but in the short or long-term picture of your business, you could be building up a problem.

How Does The General Counsel Program Work?

The General Counsel then helps guide the company in the right direction, and if necessary, the General Counsel also identifies outside law firms to handle a specific issue. Our Outsourced General Counsel Program provides your business with access to your own team of attorneys with expertise in business transaction, litigation and employment matters.

Through a package of monthly calls, we become the legal member of your business’ executive team. We learn about your business and provide you with General Counsel services that fit the needs of your business, at every stage of its growth, at predictable, affordable rates billed on a monthly or annual basis. Our Outsourced General Counsel Program provides focused and effective legal team services equal to or better than comparable in-house staffs or outside firms.

As your outsourced professional attorneys, we want to make this process as simple and straightforward to you. Whether you want to meet in person or talk over the phone, each session will be 60-minutes long with a 15-minute review session before we actually meet.

We’ll review any necessary contracts or paperwork you’ve sent over. This is so the 60-minutes we have together can be filled with as much value as possible.

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