Real Businesses. Real Results.

Walker Law PC’s approach is rooted in attention to detail, responsive attention, and being personally accountable for all work. And John gets results for his clients.

John provided exceptional legal advice in the merger of two professional firms.  He met our needs for an expansive agreement that will allow future partners.  His thoughtful drafting and explanations provided me with foresight and hindsight for which I am grateful. Great job and would highly recommend. He is a fierce negotiator.


Prior to retaining Walker Law PC, I couldn’t see how I would ever get disentangled from my former business partner in a logical and fair way. I did not have the energy to listen to and interpret my former partner’s endless stream of proposals and counterproposals for winding up our relationship. I was worried he would wear me out before I could wear him down. John handled it beautifully. Moreover, every time I refer to the agreement ending the partnership (which is fairly frequently as it turns out), I am impressed with its clarity and thoroughness. Thank you.