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If you’re doing business with customers and clients you have contracts, just the nature of that relationship creates a contract. What you really want to know is whether or not that relationship needs to be in writing.

Some relationships with customers and clients, those contracts don’t necessarily need to be in writing if the products or the services are delivered and payment follows soon afterwards; think, buying groceries or having your teeth cleaned.

But if the relationship is, say, purchasing your groceries online overtime or perhaps getting orthodontic work for one of your children that involves a series of steps those sorts of transactions lend themselves to having something in writing that more particularly describes what the duties and responsibilities of each party of the contract requires.

And in the case of the grocer or the orthodontist, having a standardized contract creates a series of repeatable and stable transactions that are easy to plan, create certain efficiencies and so forth.

An attorney can help you properly draft that sort of a contract with your client or customer, one that spells out who is supposed to do what by when under what circumstances, over what period of time and how much it’s all going to cost.