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There are five ways to reduce your odds of getting sued. The first is to exercise care in your relationship with the other party. Make sure that you know what your responsibilities are and make sure that they know what their responsibilities are.

Second, make sure you communicate with the other party on a frequent basis. That helps build good will and that good will can be used to solve problems faster and more easily.

Third, contracts; make sure that you have good clear enforceable contracts that clearly spell out what each side is supposed to do and what’s expected of them.

Fourth, insurance; make sure you have the proper insurance in your industry for your business. At a minimum, make sure that you have a general/commercial liability policy that protects you from slip and fall lawsuits. Not having that kind of insurance is foolish especially because it’s very cheap. We can help you select a proper insurance agent to help you get coverage in your industry.

And finally, make sure that you have an entity that provides you with a liability shield. Having all five of these things in place reduces your chance of being sued but also creates the best foundation possible for a successful lawsuit if in fact you are sued.

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