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Selling Your Business with an Experienced Business Attorney

Most business owners sell one business in their lifetime – if they’re lucky. The best way to sell at the best price with the fewest headaches is to have the right deal lawyer on your team. Our Principal Attorney, John Walker, has the experience you need. As a former tax CPA with a background in assisting business owners in hundreds of deals, John understands The Selling Price Curve © and how to best disclose information leading up to the letter intent, structure the letter of intent for maximum advantage, handle the subsequent due diligence and documents phase to minimize selling price rollback. All of this is most effectively done by bringing in the right deal attorney early to help craft the negotiation strategy before the first contact with prospective buyers.

Walker Law PC has extensive experience helping business owners navigate the tricky process of selling their business. We have prevented many businesses from making common, yet crucial, mistakes. Some of the mistakes we have commonly seen include:

  • Disclosing confidential information too early in the selling process
  • Waiting to bring in the right transactions attorney until after the letter of intent has been signed
  • Failing to craft a negotiation strategy

Our principal attorney, John Walker, has the experience you need and are looking for. As a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and with his masters in tax law (LLM in Tax), he can spot strategic negotiation opportunities for a better deal.

We have experience negotiating hundreds of business sales and purchases and can foresee the direction your sale may go. We will recognize problems that others might overlook. Thinking you may want to back out of the sale? Here at Walker Law PC, we have no difficulty helping you walk away if you decide you don’t want to sell your business at any point in the selling process. 

You can rely on the experience and dedication of Walker Law PC to help you sell your business. Give us a call, and we can help you get the best price possible.

Buying a Business with an Experienced Acquisitions Attorney

Purchasing a business can be extremely complex. The number and manner of ways in which a buyer can overpay are endless. This process is exponentially easier with the help of an attorney experienced with acquisitions. Walker Law PC has helped hundreds of business owners negotiate the best purchase price, minimize their risk of failure, and maximize the opportunity for the success of the business after the deal closed.

There is much more to buying a business than just the purchase price. Many things to consider before you sign the letter of intent include the ease of integrating culture, compatible technology, intellectual property transfer, employees and possible noncompetes or other restrictions, and more. We will help you consider all aspects involved to help make life after the acquisition as smooth as possible. At Walker Law PC, we will draft, review, and explain all of the documents you need to sign before you sign them. This way, you can feel confident in your understanding of documents such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the letter of intent, the purchase agreement, as well as noncompete and other restrictive provisions and various exhibits, schedules, and appendices.

Concerned about a significant increase in your taxes? No worries! Walker Law PC can structure a business purchase specifically to help minimize future tax obligations. No two business purchases are the same, but with the experience we have in helping buyers negotiate their purchases, we can help manage the direction your deal and help head off problems that others may overlook.

Business Dispute? We Can Help!

Starting a business with a partner is an exciting time. However, relationships between partners can sometimes turn adversarial. Do either you or your partner want to leave the business? Is a co-owner making decisions without agreement or proper authority? Has your partner breached a contract with you or someone else?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, we can help. Our experience in handling a business dispute can mean the difference between an acceptable resolution versus the loss of key employees, the deterioration of revenue, and even the failure of the business.

Just as every business is unique, every business dispute is also unique. At Walker Law PC, we listen to each client’s situation. We work diligently to help you resolve your co-owner dispute without stepping into a courtroom. We will review any partnership agreements and work with you to find the best possible solution — saving your time, money, and reputation.

Business Contracts To Protect And Grow The Value Of Your Business

One of the best investments you can make as a business owner is to have well written and enforceable contracts in place. In other words, your contracts should bind the key parties in the transactions that are the core of your business.

Some contracts that can protect your business include:

  • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Investor Agreements:
  • Bills of Sale
  • Purchase Orders
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • And More

Relying on a good business transaction law firm can help save you time, stress, and money. We will draft the document you really want: a contract that is well defined, enforceable, and binding to protect you and your business.

At Walker Law PC, our mission is to keep you and your business protected, growing, and out of the courtroom. How can we do this? We focus on listening and understanding your business goals, and we employ our experience in counseling hundreds of business owners in their transactions to your situation. We have the experience you need to ensure that your contracts protect you and your business.

Business Formation & Restructuring

As you start a new business, you’ll face many decisions, including choosing your business’s legal entity, its tax status, and the state in which you will form your business. Your choices have legal and tax implications that can affect you for years. Walker Law PC can help with the right formation structure and strategy to protect you and help grow your business for the future.

Every business is unique and finding the right entity type is a process that depends on current conditions and future expectations. Some common types of business entities include:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Corporation (C-corp)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership

The type of entity you choose is only one consideration when forming or restructuring your business. Deciding how your business will be taxed is a significant decision you must make as well. We go the extra mile and help business owners determine which tax status best supports their unique circumstances and goals when many other firms may not. With years of business experience, a masters in tax law, and an accounting background, our Principal Attorney John Walker utilizes this experience to help new and experienced business owners choose the best path for their respective businesses. 

Your Houston General Counsel Program

There’s a big misconception in the business world that an attorney is only hired for one-time use. That couldn’t be further from the truth. An attorney should be a continuous integrated part of any company’s growth.

Can’t afford an in-house attorney? Consider our general counsel program. We provide your business with access to your own team of attorneys with expertise in business transactions, litigation, and employment matters. Through a package of monthly calls, we become the legal member of your business’s executive team. We learn about your business and provide you with general counsel services that fit the needs of your business, at every stage of its growth.

As your business ventures into new industries, offers new products or services, hires more employees, or takes on more funding, you need to ensure you’re protecting your company and assets.

Each session will be 60-minutes long with a 15-minute review session before we actually meet, whether it’s in person or over the phone.

Have any questions about our legal services? Want to schedule your initial consultation? Call or contact Walker Law PC today!

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