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Walker Law PC’s Free Legal Business Resources

Walker Law PC is committed to helping our clients in any way we can. From our specific legal services to our general counsel program, you are in good hands. We go above and beyond to put you on the right path towards success — saving them money, time, and stress in the process.

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In the videos below, we walk you through our most commonly asked questions. Have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss how Walker Law PC can help your business succeed.

My business is interested in buying another business. Where do we begin?

When another business approaches you about buying your business the first step is to only talk in vague and general terms until you consult your attorney. Your attorney will tell you what you can disclose and when and what the risks are in disclosing the wrong kind of information or disclosing information at the wrong stage.

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I Want to Sell My Business. What’s the next step?

When you think you’re interested in buying another business the proper place to start is being able to articulate why you want to buy that business and how that business is going to fit strategically with your business; strategically and financially. Once you’ve got that figured out and you can articulate that and you may be using your CPA with the financial side of things, make sure you involve your attorney early.

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Why should I legally organize my business?

Legally organizing your business really is about having some credibility, having some branding and marketing panache to go with your business. Forming a legal business means that you’ve gone to the state and you’ve formally set up some sort of an entity that has a name and establishing your name in that way protects your name from use by competitors.

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Does my business need contracts with employees?

If you have employees then you have contracts with your employees. The law creates that by default. If you have a written contract then your employees know how much they’re being paid, what their hours are, what the vacation policy is, what the sick policy is and what benefits they have.

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What are the benefits of organizing as an LLC versus a corporation?

Both an LLC and a corporation give you a liability shield to protect your personal assets against business liabilities.  But an LLC is much more flexible so that you can tailor the structure of your organization to your particular needs, your owners and your investors.  An LLC doesn’t need shareholder meetings, doesn’t need a board of directors or board of directors meetings.  You can choose how it’s taxed.  An LLC can be taxed as a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation or a partnership.

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Why do I need non-disclosure agreements in my business, and whom should I ask to sign them?

Whether or not you need a non-disclosure agreement in your business depends on whether or not you have information in your business that would have value as an asset.  Information that has separate value as an asset could include customer lists, could include trade secrets including specially processes that you’ve created that nobody else is aware of, could include unpatented inventions that you use in your business.

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BITCOIN – Demystified (a bit)

Bitcoins have been around since 2008. But headlines were made when a single Bitcoin traded for more than $19,300 this past December. As recently as three years ago, the price was $130. The value of Bitcoins in circulation is now more than $250 billion though that...

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The Selling Price Curve: Phases of Selling Your Business

All negotiations concerning the sale price of a business should be expected to travel on what I call the “Selling Price Curve.” Discovery & Disclosure On the upslope of the Discovery & Disclosure side, your potential sales price advances up the Selling Price...

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Recipe For A Successful Business Contract

Contracts are a critical part of running a successful business in Texas, or anywhere. Contracts are involved in all aspects of conducting business and you can hardly make it through the work day without encountering some sort of contract. Some of the more commonly...

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Use Your CPA To Increase Your Business Value

Selling your business is a complex undertaking that requires many skill sets to maximize the amount you walk away with at closing. This is not a “do-it-yourself” project. The stakes are too high and it’s unlikely that you are the best person to do all the things that...

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Never Put Real Estate in an S Corporation*

*Without first talking to a Tax Attorney or Tax Accountant Absolutes.  Lawyers are trained to never say “Never” and never say “Always”.  Because there is always an exception and there is never a situation where an exception doesn’t exist.  We get paid to find those...

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Make Sure Your Trade Secrets Don’t Disappear!

Certain information can provide your business with an economic advantage over your competitors, especially when you know the information and your competitors do not. Since no one else knows this information, it is a secret that only your business can exploit....

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Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) – Part 1: When & Why

You've been presented with a non-disclosure agreement. Should you sign? How do you respond to the statement:  "If you're not going to steal my ideas, you'll sign!"? Flip side. You present an NDA to someone.  When is it legitimate for them not to sign? How do you...

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Having an experienced business law attorney on your team can benefit your business. Contact Walker Law PC to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how we can help your business succeed.
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