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This question that I get most often at parties or in line at Starbucks. I’ve got a business or I just started out on my own, should I incorporate?

Well, if you incorporate that gives you certain legal protections against having your personal assets being subject to your business liabilities. It also gives you a name that’s got some protection, it gives you some credibility, makes you look more real but the questions really just start there. Should you be a corporation or should you be an LLC or should you be a limited partnership?

If you’re a corporation should you be an S-Corporation or should you be a C-Corporation? If you’re formed, how do you get rid of business owners that aren’t working out? How do you add business owners? Do you have to have certain state licenses? Are you subject to certain state taxes? Can you form in one state and operate in another state? All of these are questions that you should consider if you’re serious about your business.

Now, LegalZoom and the 1800 Form Your LLC in Nevada sorts of things can help you get a basic name formed in your state with letters after it. Now, if that’s all that you need those Web sites and those 800 numbers are fine but if you’re serious about your business then you should consult an attorney and understand what the proper answers to that series of questions are for you and where you want to go.