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We help business owners solve business problems
John Walker, Business Attorney in Houston, TX | Walker Law PC

Your Business Success Is Our Goal

We assist and guide business owners through all the ups and downs of their business. Whether we are setting up the correct business entity and tax status, reorganizing an existing business as it grows, or successfully close on a business purchase, Walker Law PC is here to help you each step of the way.

Walker Law PC: A Business Transactions Law Firm

We help business owners build, run, and exit their businesses successfully on their own terms. We help you:

  • Properly set up your business and protect yourself, your investment, and your future.
  • Contract with customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers to minimize disputes and maximize sales.
  • Serve as your general counsel to help you plan, strategize, issue spot and be a resource for your most complicated problems and biggest opportunities.
  • Navigate disputes with your partners and investors, divorcing them if necessary.
  • Provide the proper platform to raise capital from investors at whatever stage your business is at.
  • Prepare your business for sale and sell it with fewer headaches.
  • Buy business and create a smooth transition and integration process to achieve the expected growth.

Our Principal Attorney, John Walker, has experience with deals of all types: buying, selling, joint ventures, master service contracts, and partnerships between successful entrepreneurs on new opportunities. He has helped business owners with hundreds of deals. John’s experience can help you avoid pitfalls and gain advantages in your deals.

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What Are Your Pain Points? What Keeps You Up At Night?

Running a business requires time, resources, and confidence to build it from the ground up. At Walker Law PC in Houston, TX, we listen to your pain points and what keeps you up at night. We understand the stress that you experience dealing with disputes, forming a new entity, reviewing contracts, raising money, and bringing in new partners. We help business owners get through complex and at times difficult phases of running a business.

Are any of these the pain points that keep you up at night?

Business Contracts

  • “I’ve never seen a contract like this, and I need help with the legal jargon!”
  • “I need to work with another company for this deal. How do I protect myself and retain control of what’s fair?”
  • “How can I protect my confidential information, my special ingredient, in this deal? I need a Non-disclosure Agreement!”

Whether it’s reviewing vendor agreements or protecting your secret ingredient, Walker Law PC will guide you through this process. Understanding your business contracts is crucial to your business’s success and having a trusted attorney on your side makes a difference.

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Business Disputes

  • “My partner and I no longer see eye-to-eye and I need out!”
  • “Our family business is bigger than we dreamed, but some members don’t want to expand, and others do. What are our options?”
  • “We want to take the business in a new direction but can’t agree on how.”
  • “I’m worried my partners may attempt to cut me out of decision making because I have a minority interest.”

Business partners, who are many times close relatives or friends, need to have the difficult conversations about the realities of running a business. An attorney with experience guiding co-owners through negotiations can provide the best results and help you focus on building the customer base and maintaining business relationships.

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Selling a Business

  • “I have some great offers to buy my business, but I’m not sure what my next steps are. How do I sell for the most money with the least headaches?”
  • “I should’ve had a lawyer look at this Letter of Intent before receiving an offer. Is it too late to improve the terms?”
  • “I’m ready to sell my business and retire, but I want my legacy to continue. What are my options?”

Selling your business is stressful and can be very personal, especially when it’s a business you or your grandparents started from the ground up. Having an attorney by your side who has helped with hundreds of sales of businesses will help you get the deal you want. Whether you’re ready to retire or ready to move on, Walker Law PC will coach you through this process.

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Buying a Business

  • “This purchase is too good to pass up. How can I seize this opportunity while taking the minimum risk, paying the lowest price, and having the fewest headaches going forward?”
  • “This business I’ve been eyeing is finally on the market. How can I craft the most attractive offer and still set myself up for success?”
  • “This is my first business purchase and the seller just agreed to my terms. How do I make sure that the deal I just made is the one I actually close?”

Timing is everything. It’s even more true when you’re looking to buy a business. Experienced acquisitions attorneys are key players to a business purchase. Walker Law PC attorneys help you capture the value of your deal and correctly draft the Letter of Intent. We will then successfully see you through the closing of your purchase, even when negotiations become strenuous.

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General Counsel

  • “I really want to raise more money from investors, the SBA, and private equity, but I’m not sure where to start.”
  • “I need someone who can insert skill or service. Who does that and are they any good?”
  • “We’re having manufacturing delays because our biggest vendor is constantly having delivery mishaps. What can I do?”

Your business is doing well. You’re growing fast and turning a nice profit. But you have a nagging doubt: what am I missing? What risks am I taking without knowing it?
Our goal at Walker Law PC is to provide you with a big firm, top-notch experience at an outsourced price. We know that your time, money, and reputation are valuable. We help you minimize risks while maximizing your opportunities for success. Sometimes you don’t have the senior executive talent available. Some issues just are not appropriate for employee’s ears. We can be the extra adult in the room that can help you sort through the alternatives to complex problems.

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Business Formations

  • “I’m starting out and I don’t know what I don’t know. How do I start both my business and my relationship with my partner off on the right foot?”
  • “I started my business by going to the County Clerk’s office, but now I’m told I’m not personally protected. Why not and how should I protect myself?”
  • “How do I keep minority partners from interfering with the way I want to run my company?”

Whether you’re a first-time business owner or you currently own several businesses, Walker Law PC can help you form or restructure your business so that it works for you. Business formation is the first step to starting your business, but it’s not the last. We can provide you with the best choice for your company’s entity type and tax status, a partnership agreement focused on your objectives and branding measures that will launch your business for success.

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

“Working with Walker for the past 7 years has been great. I’m excited to say that John’s team is helping me launch a new business venture today. On Pi Day. That’s got to be good!”
-Grant Robertson

“Awesome value for the services! John helped resolve my litigation issue quickly and with no stress. He took the time to sit down with me and come up with multiple strategies. 100% would recommend!”
-Andrew Krupala

“Overall the process was smooth and straightforward. Oscar and John were very responsive during our engagement. Definitely recommend!”
-Cesar Gil

“Referred to us through a Houston-based startup accelerator, Attorney John Walker and team (notably: assistant Oscar Giles) have been excellent. They are super responsive both with administrative items and with legal/business services. Their speed and get-it-done approach while incorporating our startup and reviewing our contracts were invaluable in securing our first equity grant/investment all within about a month of first reaching out to them. I highly recommend Walker Law PC.”
-Oladele Adedoyin

“Process was very smooth and quick. Oscar, Donald, and John were very responsive throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend!”
-Shaquille Gould

“I reached out to Walker Law PC seeking advice for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for a proposed business deal. I anticipated a quick overview and to be sent on my way. I was wrong! I received WAY MORE than I anticipated. Not only did John and Donny personally explain everything about the NDA, they also conducted a personal strategy session around my business which was more than a mere NDA review. Walker Law PC, went above and beyond for our company, GermWrap, and we are extremely grateful. Highly recommended, especially if you are seeking outstanding results!”
-Manuel G, GermWrap Houston

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